Don’t Force Me, I Love Pakatan Rakyat!

Posted: August 19, 2014 in Article

By: Wu Wei Qiang (translated name)

Kwong Wah, 18-08-2014

The PR supporters said to me that the revolution is not done yet as PR has just ruled Penang and Selangor for two terms so it must not give up! It is true that the Selangor issue is indeed the biggest test for PR after the commotion of Perak. However, what people are worried of is actually the credibility of PAS as a party ally. First it was Hudud and now it again goes against the opinions of the leaders of PR on the issue of Selangor Menteri Besar. Is PAS a party ally or a political “friend”?

“Revolution is not done yet” is a famous quote by Sun Yat-sen to motivate his comrades. A political “friend” is like what we have always heard about, that there is neither permanent enemy nor friend. Regardless of whether the final decision of PAS would or would not be another Hudud, it has actually sent a very clear message to the PR allies – its devotion towards religion is always stronger than its loyalty towards PR!

Who has the most influence among the three parties of PR? Anwar? Lim Guan Eng? Hadi Awang? They should be sharing their political power based on the philosophy of the three parties. Nevertheless, the sharing of political power is only useful when they are fighting for the throne. One that they have glimpsed into the light of victory and hope, the voters’ view and leaders’ perspectives have also changed. Today, PAS is a partner of PR and a friend but how about tomorrow? Would it join BN or choose to cooperate with BN?

The older Malays say not to worry because Nik Aziz have been taken advantage of by BN so he would not trust BN. As long as Nik Aziz is still here, even if Hadi Awang has many ambitions, he would not dare to offend this spiritual leader. If this is the case then why did PAS differ so much with its party allies on the issue of Menteri Besar? This can only be said to be related to political benefit. PAS is using this chance to tell the leaders of PKR, especially Anwar, that they do not run things around PR.

Surely, the Rakyat will not easily give up the hope on PR. Just like my Facebook friends said, PR has not yet ruled the central government so do not let a small matter destroys the big picture. On the other hand, you PR people have to stand up for yourself and improve the coordination between leaders, do not act as if physiology treatment is necessary everyday in order to adjust the coordination. Even the philosophies of each differ but should their political opinions be the same?

Voters gave up on BN in certain constituencies due to the policies of BN which “force” voters to turn away from them and support PR. Recently, the infighting of PR keeps happening so would the voters be “forced” to return and support BN? If there is no difference between BN and PR so what is the difference between voting for PR and believing in BN? The leaders of PR should not always be deflated in front of people or else they would really “force” the voters away.

There is a person who sells fruits by the roadside said to me that his morale towards PR is getting lower and lower. He still could not see the chance of PR ruling the central government in the coming general election. Nonetheless, he is already not thinking of changing the central government; he merely wants the current Penang government to be preserved.

Original Source: 不要逼我,我爱民联!


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