The truth of MH370 that shocks the whole world

Posted: March 26, 2014 in Article

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March 22, 2014

The MAS flight was hijacked and now the whole world knows about it. But what we may not know is that the hijacker had made political demands related to Malaysia’s domestic politics, and the Malaysian government, after receiving the hijackers’ demands and after negotiating for five hours, did not accede to these demands. And the fuel exhausted while the hijacker waited in vain for an answer.

The Malaysian government knows it all along the whereabouts of the airplane. But after knowing that the airplane had exhausted its fuel, the Malaysian government decided to present the incident as a normal air accident to avoid pressure from human rights organizations and to avoid political forces at home from knowing the political demands of the hijacker.

The following is the logics of our analysis:

1: Why did the airplane turn back to Malaysia?

Answer: The hijacker, after taken control of the airplane, turned back to Malaysia indicates that the demands by the hijacker are related to Malaysia.

2: Who was the hijacker?

Answer: Crew member of the airplane.

3: What were the demands of the hijacker?

Answer: It could be the followings: that the Malaysian government must immediately accede to certain political demands. For example, the release of Anwar (On March 7, the Malaysian Court of Appeal overturned Anwar’s not guilty verdict on sodomy charges. The former Deputy Prime Minister, 66-year-old Anwar said the Government was using the sodomy charges to destroy his political career). If the demand was acceded, the safety of the airplane would be guaranteed and to the outside world, the explanation would be that the airplane had technical fault and would land in Malaysia or any airport. Otherwise, the airplane would be destroyed.

4: Why did the hijacker take the initiative to cut off communications with ground controls?

Answer: After gaining control of the airplane and before making the demands, the hijacker did not want the ground controls to know that the airplane had been hijacked so that, after the demands were acceded, the airplane could land “with face”, blaming technical faults as the reason. The hijacker was of the view that the Government would accede to the demands because the lives of over 230 persons were involved. The hijacker hoped to return alive. Therefore, the hijacker switched off the flight communications but turned on the internal communication gadgets with MAS head office.

5: Why did the airplane keep flying straight ahead?

Answer: This was a critical point. The hijacker did it because of certain demands. If he did it because he wanted to commit suicide due to certain psychological imbalances, he would have committed suicide much earlier. He would not have waited for an answer from the Malaysian government until the fuel was exhausted.

6: Why did the Malaysian government lie?

Answer: If the demands by the hijack were exposed, it would cause a political earthquake. Similarly if the international community knew that the Malaysian government had rejected the hijacker’s demands and that led to the destruction of the airplane, it would be detrimental to its reputation.

The US Already Knew About the Truth

When Malaysia wanted to present the incident as a normal air accident, or a mystery in which the wreckage could never be found, and settle the issue with compensations to victims’ families, Boeing of the US would not take it because Boeing’s quality will be in question and it will have to take the blame. Therefore, Boeing and the US government revealed evidence that the airplane continued to fly for five hours. In the face of such evidence, the Malaysian government had to admit that the incident was due to hijacking and not technical fault. Boeing was vindicated.

In actual fact, the US knew the whole truth and they even knew where the airplane ended finally. However, the US only wanted to reveal what was in its own interest. The US does not want to reveal the whole truth, lest Malaysia is offended. On the other hand, it is using the information as a ransom for political gains.

Why did Malaysia announce the airplane was lost five hours after it lost contact?

The time lapse was due to ongoing bargain between the Malaysian government and the hijacker. The airplane had not lost contact. Contact was maintained smoothly all the time between the Malaysian government and the hijacker. The Malaysian government was hoping that it could convince the hijacker to give up the hijacking unconditionally. And thus, it could not announce news of losing contact with the airplane. When the Malaysian government was certain that the fuel had exhausted and after having decided to cover-up the truth, it made the announcement that the airplane had lost contact.

It had misled the international community by creating a false scenario that the airplane could not be found. However, Boeing does not want to take the blame and presented the iron-cast evidence that the plane had continued to fly. This was a critical piece of evidence.

The airplane was near Malaysia

According to information given by MAS, at the beginning, the airplane turned back and flew around Malaysia before turning the northwestern direction and vanished from the radar.

The political demands by the hijacker were related to domestic politics and there was no need to fly to other countries. Furthermore, the hijacker also hoped the Government would accede to the demands and come back alive. And thus, it would not fly to the Indian Ocean. Flying to the Indian Ocean meant death. Flying to Kazakhstan was just like flying to the Indian Ocean, there was no way out, nor was there such a necessity.

So, cruising near Malaysia while waiting for the outcome of the negotiation was most reasonable. The Malaysian government still wants to cover up the truth even now!

In actual fact, the airplane may not have left the Malaysian radar all the while. They maintained contacts with Malaysian top political leaders. This was also one of the reasons why the Prime Minister became the spokesman of the incident!

Original Source: 震驚世人的馬航MH370真相


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