Dark Moments of 308

Posted: March 12, 2014 in Article

By Huo Gou

Kwong Wah Yit Poh, 10-03-2014

After 2008, 308 has been a day worth celebrating for Malaysian, as the country opposition alliance did well in the National General Election; and has set the cornerstones for a two-party systems.

This year’s 308 has instead turned into a worrisome day for all Malaysians, with the missing of the Malaysian Airlines MH370 carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew members, lost contact with the control tower after 2 hours since taken off in the early morning.

Besides all the relevant agencies being instructed to participate in the search and rescue mission, most Malaysian and citizens of other nations are praying for the safety and well-being of the 239 passengers and crew on board flight MH370.

Unfortunately, there are still groups of people in the country hijack the incident twisting the facts; by condemning the Government and the Malaysian Airlines for being slow in announcing the news and delayed in carrying out rescue mission. They even openly accused in the social media that the Government amplify the incident in order to cover the impact from the Anwar’s sodomy guilty verdict. Some of them even without reservation blame this Malaysian Airlines incident as a punishment from God as the Government was manipulating the judicial systems in the Anwar’s case. One just wonders are these people being brainless or just pure stupidity.

In the worst possible scenario, the current lost contact carrier would have met with its fatal end; how can these people continue to cold-heartedly linking the incident to politics? Therefore, I hope the police and MCMC can at this juncture, closely monitor what have been posted on the internet; and to take drastic actions on these irresponsible internet users.

We can surely appreciate people’s critics on the slow response actions by the Government, but there is a set of internationally defined procedures to deal with any civil aviation accidents; and we are not the aviation experts that have the full knowledge of the regulatory details and operations. Why don’t we just wait for the updates from the relevant agencies, and also the preliminary and final outcomes of the Search and Rescue operation before we deal with the causes and accountability?

On this aviation lost contact situation, is it an air disaster or a man-made accident? Where is the plane? What happens to the 239 people on board? There is no individual or agency can provide a satisfactory answer, speculation and distribution of unconfirmed information will only make the situation worst, and provide none whatsoever assistance to the current search and rescue operation.

Although, most people are not optimistic towards the missing aircraft, but theTV2 newscaster just announced, “Until we locate the plane, there is still hope”.

Therefore, Malaysians should continue to pray, the relatives of those missing should keep their hope high, the Search and Rescue teams should be persistent, all must have faith that miracle can happens!

Original Source: 灰暗的308


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